Blood is essential to life. It is a specialised bodily fluid made of a combination of plasma and cells that circulate through the entire body.

It is pumped through the lungs and small intestines, delivering essential oxygen, hormones and micro-nutrients to our tissues. Returning with carbon dioxide and metabolic waste to be eliminated through our lungs and kidneys, away from those same cells in the body.

Our blood also distributes hormones around our bodies, helps to regulate our acid-alkaline balance and body temperature, and destroys invading bacteria and other micro-organisms that bring disease.

Blood warning signsIf our blood vessels becomes diseased through a build-up of plaque from poor diet or genetic susceptibility, the vessels become narrower. The platelets can then become counter-productive, contributing to a blood clot or clogged vessel. Smoking and lack of excercise makes this worse, setting you on a track for cardiovascular disease.

Healthy Blood can help prevent heart disease, with simple lifestyle changes:

  1. Smoking. Smoking makes you more likely to develop coronary heart disease, have a heart attack, and suffer a stroke. Consider auricular acupuncture with AcuQuit to kick the habit.
  2.  Cholesterol. Check you level regularly. Keep your total cholesterol level is under 5mmol/L. Blood vessels produce substances that stop platelets being activated while there is no wound present. This ability is compromised when vessels are damaged by bad cholesterol. 
  3. Eat Healthy. Cut back on bad cholestoral forming foods. These include trans-fats (in processed foods such as baked goods, snacks, fried foods), saturated fats (animal fats),and refined sugars. These convert to fat and are stored when you eat too much of them. To boost your good cholesterol:- Drink water! Have several portions of avocado, raw nuts and seeds and increase your fibre intake with veggies, fruits and wholegrain like brown rice. The soluble fibre in oats seems particularly effective in lowering total and bad cholesterol.
  4. Blood Pressure. This is the most common heart disease risk factor. You can control it by getting active, reducing salt, eating foods that provide calcium, magnesium and potassium. These include wholegrain, fruit, vegetables and dairy, which all reduce blood pressure.
  5. Get Active. Being active promotes the flow and can help prevent clots. It helps to burn fat, lower high blood pressure, and release feel-good endorphins that relieve stress. When you don’t exercise you are more likely to get cardiovascular disease which is life threatening. Just 30 minutes of moderate activity a day, like brisk walking, can reduce your heart disease risk by as much as 46% (Circulation).  
  6. Time Out. Stress floods your blood with adrenaline, straining the cardiovascular system when these levels are constantly elevated.

Blood & AcuDetox

The blood supports the heart, our most protected organ. It is were many cardiovascular health problems begin, and where they can be solved or kept at bay. There is no substitute for blood. It cannot be made or manufactured.

Consider AcuDetox to help eliminate dis-ease forming toxins in your body, and get your organs back in balance.