Digital Dementia is the term used for issues with memory and cognitive skills. It describes how overuse of digital technology relates to the breakdown of your cognitive abilities.

The consistent use and dependence on the variety of features of mobile devices, may also come with some negative consequences. Digital dementia is a term first coined by the neuroscientist Manfred Spitzer in his 2012 book of the same name.

Digital Dementia InfoThis excess use of technology leads to unbalanced brain development, as heavy users are more likely to overdevelop their left brains, leaving their right brains underdeveloped.

Spitzer proposes that: “short-term memory pathways will start to deteriorate from under-use if we overuse technology.” The negative cognitive effects of using too much technology include increased rates of ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, developmental delay, anxiety, learning disorders, and sleep disorders.

Cocaine, opiates and methamphetamines utilize the same dopamine functions in the brain as does the over-stimulation from technology.