Testimonials - EddieUsing AcuDetox for Opioid Withdrawal and Detox
When I was in active addiction (I’ll be clean for 1 year on Easter day), I went to the hospital many times to try and get my “fix” and one time I ran into an emergency room doctor that specialized in acupuncture. And he asked me if I would try acupuncture for my “pain” before he administered any opiate based pain meds. Willing to do anything to get out of withdrawal, I said yes. I figured I would act like it didn’t work and get my fix and fly high.

After the acupuncture, I was relaxed, and not really focusing on withdrawal. It didn’t take them away per se.. but it made me feel like, weird, like withdrawal was not so bad and that made the symptoms go away. I never asked for the Dilaudid pain meds because I wasn’t sick. And I stayed not sick for almost a full 24 hours, I didn’t use. I did end up using again and as an addict once you get going on a streak of course you feel nothing works, so I never did go back to try it again, but with only 1 experience. I kind of do believe it works. Of course I have my doubts. But, the 1 experience I had was positive.

Turns out the doctor had an idea I was an addict and administered and he needles to wherever you administer them for withdrawal and anxiety and not pain. And just did not tell me.. honestly if it works for 1 person and nobody else. It is in my opinion a success because it saved that 1 person. Just my experience. – Eddie